My Name is Junior and I'm a London Based Photographer.  I discovered my passion for photography in 2008 by accident when I was asked by a friend to help him out by taking pictures at an event he was holding.  I borrowed an SLR camera for the night (I only had a compact at the time), and went along to the event to see what pictures I could get.  I was pleasently surprised with the outcome and was gutted when I had to give the camera back.  So as a result, I bought my first SLR, a Canon 350D, and have been happily snapping away since.

I have asked myself many times what do i specialise in?  I think the answer is people, so not matter what the occassion or event, I try to capture moments.  As I have personal interest in Music and Sport, I tend to steer most of my fun stuff towards these genre's.  My work has appeared in The Sun, The Guardian, The Voice, The Independant, The Metro, Martial Arts Illustrated, talkSPORT Online/Mag, RDOfficial, SPORT magazine, Choice-fm.co.uk ,MTV.CO.UK, RWDMAG.